What happens when the text is considered to be firmly anchored in its moment, not of writing, but of realization? What happens when we consider the recording of a song by Nina Simone as an object of reading, analysis and, why not, translation? And what about the translation oriented towards its realization, again, in performance? In a living act, itself unrepeatable as much as the original on which it is based, now considered not only as a performative fact, but also as a performative data, as the creator of a moment, a cut in time that, because it is embedded in time and moment , cannot be seen again, except through a new act, a new creation. How to speak of the word enunciated as magic, as an effective creator of reality?

In this 'Algo Infiel' (Something Unfaithful) it is anchoring the lyrics in the voice, the sound in the body, the poem in its realization as a full act, that Guilherme Gontijo Flores and Rodrigo Tadeu Gonçalves produce a succession of essays that individually already constitute a very original contribution, whose interconnection - between yourself and also with Rafael Dabul's photos - creates even deeper meanings. The result is a kind of essayistic constellation that tries to rethink the place of translation, the translator and the translated text in a world now of feats and spells, of senses and senses, of creators, creations and creatures.

This essay was made by photographer Rafael Dabul for the book Algo Infiel: corpo, performance, tradução by the authors Rodrigo Tadeu Gonçalves and Guilherme Gontijo Flores, in 2017.